When a Storm is in the Gulf…

When a Storm is in the Gulf…it’s Too Late

When a named storm enters the Gulf of Mexico, or when a named storm forms in the Gulf of Mexico, it is too late to purchase Windstorm. You can’t buy or change your windstorm coverage after a hurricane enters the Gulf of Mexico.

TWIA stops binding windstorm policies at the 80-20 coordinates. Please be aware that no new or increased coverage applications will be accepted until TWIA determines that the storm no longer threatens property within the designated catastrophe area of the Texas Windstorm Insurance Association. This applies should a hurricane be present in the 80/20 area.

National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP/ FEMA) does not usually halt flood insurance binding since there is usually a mandatory 30-day waiting period. If the flood insurance policy is lender required, the 30 day waiting period is waived. For more information, contact Rochkind Insurance at (888)770-9503 or NFIP at 1-800-427-4661 or www.floodsmart.gov.

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